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Coffee: Where Does It Come From and How Does It Get That Flavor?

People from all around the globe like to drink coffee. When it comes to coffee, there are a lot of brands, styles, and tastes that people need to consider before choosing the one that they like the best. Even though there is a lot of variety with this type of drink, there really are only two types of beans that all of the other flavors come from. These types of coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta. After the beans are chosen, the flavor that the coffee will be is decided on dependent on where the coffee is from and how the beans are prepared.

The Arabica coffee beans are the beans that are typically going to be used for coffee. For this reason, it is more likely for you to see Arabica rather than Robusta on the sides of coffee bags that you might buy at the store. Arabica beans make up just about 75% of all of the cups full of coffee that are out there, which is obviously quite prevalent. Arabica beans are typically going to be used more often due to the fact that they are thought to have more flavor than the other types of beans. Another thing to consider is the fact that Arabica beans are going to be more commonly grown than Robusta beans.

Just because Arabica beans are more popular doesn’t mean that Robusta beans don’t have a lot to offer. A lot of the Robusta beans that you might find are going to be the same types of coffee beans that are used for instant coffee or freezer coffee. These beans are less expensive to buy and use than Arabica beans. Something else to consider is the fact that Robusta coffee beans are typically going to be the main type of bean used in restaurants that serve coffee, so you don’t want to pay a bunch of money for a cup of coffee that really should not end up costing you that much.

Many different flavors of coffee exist, so it is obvious that there must be a wider variety of factors out there that end up affecting the way that these beans taste once they are turned into coffee. The main reason that the same beans might taste differently comes down to how the beans were prepared. Another thing to consider is where the bean itself was actually grown and picked from. Lastly, the flavor of the bean is going to also be affected by the color of the bean because the darker beans are going to usually taste a bit more bold.

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