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Did You Know That You Can Live With Diabetes? A heart disease and diabetes results to diabetic heart disease according to a recognized cardiologist Gurgaon. Patients with diabetes have a high rate of getting heart disease is high compared to people who do not have diabetes. The above conclusion is applicable to both male and female and diabetic patients type one and two. There is a higher risk chance especially if there is too much glucose in the blood. In case of too much glucose there are fatty substances that are deposited in the blood vessel walls. When the vessels clog and harden then they develop a condition known as atherosclerosis. A bad lifestyle and diabetes and high blood cholesterol all increase the rate of heart attacks. A combination of these elements and coupled with other risks like obesity makes diabetes a harmful disease. A person with diabetes does not respond well to heart treatments like angioplasty and bypass surgery. The Link Between Heart Disease And Diabetes
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Damaged Heart Muscles Damaged heart muscles cause a heart not to function well. Artery Hardening and Clogging The heart may not receive adequate blood if artery walls thicken and become hard. Atherosclerosis is a condition that is caused by deposits of plague in the blood vessels. Condition In The Artery The narrowing of the blood vessels in the legs and fatty materials are deposited causing inadequate circulation of blood in the legs and feet. Legs can be amputated and the rate of heart attack increased. Crammed Heart This occurs when a heart is unable to fully pump body all over the body. A crammed heart leads to heart failure and so does a body that has lots of fluids. The Position of Heart Disease and Diabetes To reduce the risk of heart diseases patients should talk to their doctors regarding any medicines prescribed either to control or prevent these risk factors and change lifestyle. Lifestyle change, stress management, exercising are changes that a diabetic must ensure they follow. Action It is good to stop smoking. Talk and consult your doctor. Cigarette smoking should be discouraged. A smoker who wants to quit smoking should not tire in attempting to stop the habit. The benefits of exercising by a diabetic are worthwhile. This keeps the blood sugar levels in control and the heart healthy. It benefits a diabetic if they do a 20-minute daily brisk walk. Going to the gym may not even be a must. Not all exercises are for everybody, inactive people should be advised on the types of exercises they can do. It is advised that a diabetic visits a doctor often. Following the advice of a doctor is one attribute of a healthy heart.